About Us - Tadmur Integrated Policy


Tadmur Contracting is a grade "A" company with an extensive and consistent track record in the construction and engineering industry spanning almost three decades of experience.


Tadmur's activities are conducted in accordance with the accredited management systems:

ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001:2007 - Operational Health & Safety Management System as well as all the applicable legislations within the state of Qatar.


Tadmur Contracting is committed to continuously:


♦   Manage Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental issues as an integral part of its busines..

♦  Follow the concept of continuous improvement and make the best use of management resources in all Quality, Health, Safety and Environment related matters.

♦  Maintain credible and accurate records for all non-conformances, incidents and occurrences that can be used to measure the continual improvement.

♦  Ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and monitored throughout a structured programme of audits and reviews with emphasis on continual improvement.

♦  Provide effective training and development for all employees to improve their capability to identify and manage the risks normally associated with the nature of work.

♦  Eliminate, minimize or control the environmental aspects as well as occupational health and safety hazards and risks.

♦  Establish and review objectives & targets as part of our continual improvement.

♦  Review periodically the adequacty, suitability and effectiveness of the Management System, Policy and objectives to ensure it remains aligned to the organization's mission and vision.

♦  Ensure healthy and safe cultures are established across the organization, whereby a commitment to the prevention of injury, ill health, damage to property and pollution is communicated to all employees, sub-contractors or persons affected by our activities.

♦  Communicate and promote the policy to all employees, sub-contractors, visitors and any other members of the public who might be affected by our work.


The implementation of the Management Systems is the responsibility of all employees and Tadmur Contracting is committed to facilitate the moral and financial support to monitor and continually improve the systems.