Departments - Overview




Each project is assigned with a professionally qualified & experienced project manager who is fully responsible for the project implementation from the stage of mobilization, execution, completion, snagging to handing over.


Depending on the project requirements & the size of the project, senior management allocates adequate personnel to the site project management such as construction manager, project engineers, and site engineers, quantity surveyors, planning engineers, material engineers, QA/QC engineers, safety engineers, foremen, etc. A professionally-qualified & experienced project manager is assigned to each project. The project manager is fully responsible for the proper execution of the project from mobilization to handing over.


Company Departments:


•  Planning Department

•  Estimation & Tendering Department

•  Engineering & Technical Support Department

•  Procurement & Purchasing Department

•  Finance Department

•  IT Department

•  Human Resources & Administration Department

•  QA/ QC Department

•  Health, Safety & Environment Department


Planning Department:


Planning Department as a part of Tadmur Contracting strives to ensure that quality standards are incorporated in its duties and functions through an effective and efficient quality management system designed and implemented to reflect its commitment to provide high quality projects planning and control services for Tadmur.


We are fully aware of the necessity to satisfy and meet our internal & external customer expectations. This ultimate objective is achieved through our continual improvement process.


The Planning Department is committed to proactively plan, schedule and control best in class Tadmur construction and design projects. We are dedicated to finish projects on time, and within budget. Planning Engineers generate a firm and workable project program using Primavera Project Management P6 for a successful completion of the project. Project schedule for on-time delivery incorporates manpower, material and equipments.

Estimation & Tendering Department:


The company employs a team of quantity surveyors, estimators and other personnel in preparing bill of quantities and accurately estimating project costs. Each tender is carefully studied in detail as per the specifications, client requirements & drawings to fully understand the scope of works.  Quantities are accurately worked out using computer software and priced based on tender requirements. Tadmur has in-house capabilities for producing both technical & commercial bids for any type of tenders such as EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Contracts), Re-measurable Contracts, Lump Sum Contracts, Maximum Price Contracts and Design & Build Contracts.


Tadmur uses Timberline Estimating Software in which spreadsheet and database tools are used to estimate jobs more productively and in details and seamlessly push the estimate information into the Primavera program as well as into the accounts system.


Engineering & Technical Support Department:


The company employs a team of designers, architects & draftsmen to produce designs, detailed shop drawings and can face any technical challenges that the client may require using latest softwares.

Procurement & Purchasing Department:


The company procurement department handles all subcontracting activities including obtaining the competent bidders, specification evaluation & award of subcontracts to complete the projects on time. All subcontract agreements are prepared in either FIDIC form of contracts or in ICE form of contrafcts in line with International construction practices. They also identify long lead equipment & suppliers to ensure timely overseas deliveries. The procurement & purchasing department handles all local purchases of materials, tools & other miscellaneous purchases for the projects such as computers, office stationery, furniture, etc.

Finance Department:


The finance department handles all accounting, banking & financial matters including securing of bonds that are required for the projects. This department furnishes all financial requirements and supports the project managers to successfully complete the project on schedule.

IT Department:


Tadmur has invested heavily in the field of Information technology and employs some of the best talents in the industry. All projects sites are connected to the central data server of the company. The company also utilizes state of the art ERP softwares for their functioning with inhouse developers and enterprise class systems for accounting, inventory, project management and estimation controls. Tadmur Contracting is supported by a centralized IT department that provides the latest IT facilities that enhance the performance in operations.


Human Recourses & Administration Department:


HR & Administration Department of Tadmur Contracting provides the support to all the projects and the various departments in the company. It provides administrative support in terms of managing the resources and facilities in deployment and allocation of manpower & equipment. They provide efficient Public relation services to all Tadmur employees & their staff. Records are maintained electronically which aids in quick processing of leaves and other requirement of the employees.


This department plays a vital role in developing the Human resources of the company. It provides training and upgrading for their employees and also looks after the welfare of their staff & their families. Tadmur conducts periodic reviews & evaluation of their personnel in order to maximize the productivity and to bring out maximum potential of their employees.


QA / QC Department:


This department is responsible for the development of Quality Assurance procedures and implements the Company Integrated Management System policy.

The chairman, management and staff of Tadmur Contracting are committed to the Quality Assurance Program of the company. The company strives hard and continuously improves the level of quality in executing their projects. The company upholds the quality principles and objectives at the start of each new project and construction practice is driven by those quality objectives.


The company is committed in the selection of its personnel and firmly believes in delivering quality products in a timely manner. Tadmur Internal Operations are governed by several documents which are all controlled in a systematic manner. Documents are numbered with unique identification references. Projects Quality Plans are strictly enforced to achieve corporate quality goals in successfully completing projects on schedule and to the expectation of our clients.


The company is ambitious and realized the need for quality procedures and is now aiming to be ISO certified very soon. The company also aims at providing total customer satisfaction by providing safe and healthy working environments to safeguard the interest of its employees, subcontractors and the client.

Each company activity is treated as a process and a chart is prepared, which is then converted into a procedure. Quality control measures are introduced at various levels and the process is completed in a quality-controlled environment, thus achieving a bench mark for each company activity which allows documentation, traceability & accountability in order to measure and check level of quality.

Mentioned below are the works performed by the QA/QC team on site:


1.  Perform site walkthrough on minimum twice a day, in addition to the regular inspections.

2.  Ensure that subcontractors / construction team are using only the latest approved materials submittals.

3.  Ensure that all materials are properly stored and maintained.

3.  Ensure that subcontractors / construction team perform works as required in the project specification and approved drawings.f

4.  Ensure that subcontractors / construction team works comply with the latest revision of the approved drawings, Method statements, Inspection and Test Plans, etc.

5.  Ensure that subcontractors / construction team are using calibrated measuring equipments with valid certificates.

6.  Follow up closely on the Non-Conformance reports (NCR) issued, and ensure that no non-complying work reported in an NCR is covered up without rectification.

7.  Ensure all inspection / testing required are carried out and approved.

8.  Assist the site engineers in order to resolve quality-related problems.

9.  The QA/QC engineers/inspectors report to the site QA/QC manager all noted discrepancies, immediately.

10. Ensure that the inspections are performed using a Request for Inspection & Testing (RFIT) form, which requires the formal approval of the supervising engineer/consultant.

Health, Safety & Environment Department:


Tadmur Contracting implements a full Safety Management System which entails the OH&S management system model. This includes policy, planning, implementation and operation, checking and corrective action and management review. The model is also based on the OHSAS 18001 standard.

The onsite implementation of the policy includes a comprehensive checking and corrective system.  Scaffolds, electric, permits, excavations, ESSWP, COSHH, etc. are checked on daily basis and corrective actions are implemented when required. Continual Improvement is encouraged and recorded through audits on all aspects of the model.


On all projects induction training must be completed by all staff and labor before entry is permitted. All receive a Tadmur sticker with induction number, date of induction, company name and employment number. This information is then logged on an induction register and an accurate log is maintained of all staff and workers onsite.

Through audits and inspections the key performance indicators are reviewed and training is provided as required. This process visibly improves the safety standard on site through education and communication.


Tadmur works to achieve a ‘zero-accident culture’. The improvements are reflected statistically in detailed quarterly reports.


The company employs a full time HSE Manager who is assisted by a team of safety officers and security personnel. The team ensures that the working places are safe for all company employees and undertakes risk evaluation, loss prevention and environmental issues. The company has a HSEMS policy and continuously improves in safety matters in an attempt to bring the number of incidents down to zero.


Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management systems:


Tadmur Contracting believes in promoting health, safety and environment and welfare measures as the primary objective for management and employees at all levels. The top management considers this as a business priority equal to that of any other functions within the company.


Tadmur policy is derived in such a way that all significant risks arising out of company operations, to its employees, visitors and the public are assessed and the necessary protective and preventive measures are put in place to reduce the risks to the lowest.


In order to achieve this goal, top management delegates the responsibilities, resources and technical expertise required to achieve this goal and thus ensuring the safe work environment in all of its activities.


In order to achieve the same, Tadmur is committed to formulate HSE standards and procedures for various activities in line with the statutory requirements, client & consultant’s requirements and the international standards.


A definite HSE training plan is in place to systematically train and update all employees working with Tadmur.


Tadmur is committed to the continuous improvement strategy of its HSE management system. All site premises and facilities are periodically audited in order to measure the actual performance of the HSE operations and suitable measures and developments are put forth in order to bridge the gap between the actual and expected levels of performance.


Management review meetings are periodically conducted for approving the emerging technologies and for identifying and addressing the shortcomings in order to achieve the company’s goal of zero accidents.