Resources - Stores, Garage, Camps


The following services are provided to Tadmur Contracting by Tadmur Logistics:


1. Facilities for Staff & Labor in  Accommodations:


•  All Tadmur Contracting labors are staying in Tadmur Logistics camps.

•  All facilities such as:

1.  Electricity.

2.  Water.

3.  Sewage removal.

4.  Maintenance.

5.  Gas Refill for cooking purposes.

6.  Cleaning services inside the kitchens, toilets, corridor and compound area.

7.  Security services.

8.  Garbage removal.

9.  Supervision by camp supervisors & security supervisors.


2. Store Facility:


•  Tadmur Contracting store inventory services are provided by Tadmur Logistics for :

1.  Tadmur Contracting main store at industrial area.

2.  Site Store at Qatar Foundation project.

3.  Site Store at Qatar University project.

4.  Site Store at Barwa Project. Effective controlling of the civil stores operation through totally-computerized inventory management system.

5.  The inventory management includes foreign & local purchases / issues & return / stock transfer from one project site to another one.

6.  Stores operation includes all inward goods, receipts of materials, proper inspection and checking as per  products specification, storage location posting in system for transactions.

7.  Receipt & control for all of sub-contractors materials.


3. Security Services:


•  Security services are provided for all of sites, head office, staff & Labor accommodations with 24 hours day / night security. The supervisors send daily reports of all cases that arise to the management of Tadmur Logistics.


4. Maintenance:


•  General maintenance services are provided by Tadmur Logistics to Tadmur Contracting offices and staff accommodation in two types:

1.  Preventive maintenance: done 3 or 4 times per year.

2.  24-hour on-call maintenance: this service will be done immediately for all types of electrical & plumbing works that may be required.


5. Auto wokshop:


•  Tadmur Logistics auto workshop provides the services for repairing and maintenance for :

1.  All of Tadmur Contracting Equipments.

2.  All of Tadmur Contracting Vehicles.

•  Breakdown service is provided for all of equipments & vehicles at any time.

•All repairs that cannot be done by the auto workshop are sent to outside garages.