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Project Description:


Qatar Foundation’s flagship project is Education City which has branch campuses of six major universities with others expected to join in the coming years.


Completed in 2007, the Liberal Arts & Sciences College was designed by Arata Isozaki on a theme based on traditional Arabic mosaic, evocative of the crystalline structure of sand.


The last phase of this project was to develop an outdoor courtyard to the north of the LAS building at two levels, joined by a series of terraces and walkways.


•  The Upper level is designed to function as an entry to the LAS building, with a gross floor area of 3,952 m². It has an access to the east-west pedestrian court. Its landscape terraces are transient spaces between the upper & lower levels. It has stainless steel railing on the landscape terraces as an additional aesthetic and safety features. A designated area is allocated for a future monument that will be erected at a later stage. The terraces’ ramps and stairs that connect the upper & the lower levels contain landscape.


•  The Lower level has a gross area of 2,264 m². It is accessed from the upper level and the cafeteria of the LAS building. It is intended to be an area for the student use during the day and evening. There are steps and ramps leading to the upper courtyard to the east. There are sets of steps in the north eastern end of the lower level terminated by a structurally isolated up-stand. A set of ramps and stairs terminated the lower level on the west. Two rows of trees are located on the western end of the lower level.


The courtyard blended in a uniform and homogeneous unity which gives a sort of reflection of the façade. Both levels of  the courtyard are made of crystalline pattern, flamed granite paving with rectilinear flamed finish granite steps and ramps.


Contract Value: QAR 21,375,000