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Project Description:

Main Stadium
    Capacity: 15,000 people including VIP seating
    6-8 entries, 1 emergency ambulance entry
    Lights in the four corners, 4 fixed TV camera stands
    1 video scoreboard and ten commentators’ boxes

Outdoor Facilities:
    Football training field: 70 m x 110 m, grass covered with lights
    Football training field: 50 m x 90 m, grass covered with lights
    One Handball field on Ducaturf  
    One Basketball field on Ducaturf  
    One Volleyball field on Ducaturf  
    One Tennis field on Ducaturf  
    One Beach Volleyball on sand

Indoor Facilities:
    Capacity: 600 people (adjustable stands) and VIP stands
    Main Indoor Hall 25 m x 45 m x 15 m floored in rubber-tartan
    One squash hall for 150 spectators

    Medicine and massage room
    Changing room and showers
    Cafeteria and offices
    Swimming pool 12.75 m x 25 m
    Parking areas

Area of Construction = 10,000 m²


Contract Value: QAR 115,000,000